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Got a few wants for the Fanfiction. Here ya go. (Fanfiction #1)


     Nev stumbled into his hotel room, a headache brewing right in between his eyebrows. He grimaced as he made his way to the bed, impatient to throw himself on the clean sheets. The moment his body had contact with the downy material, he sighed a sigh of relief and comfort. He toed off his shoes, eyes closed as sleep slowly became more imperative.

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Watching Catfish.


"When I was 14, there was this girl, I was so into her. That day she was like, I’m sorry I don’t think I want to go out with you. I was so devastated. I went home sick that day." - Nev.

Aww, nev..

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goddammit max and nev why are y’all so fUCKING BEAUTIFUL. those jawlines doe.

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